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View and export data from OBDC databases
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Displays the data from any OBDC database on a read-only grid and exports it to the CSV or HTML documents. The tool also includes the capability to execute any valid SQL queries such as update, delete, calls to database procedures, etc. It uses a command line interface.

ODBCView is a free SQL query tool that allows you to view and export data from any OBDC compliant database. Connect to an ODBC data source and enter a SQL statement to execute. Any resulting data is displayed on a read-only grid or it can be exported to an external CSV or HTML report file. Any valid SQL statement can be executed including UPDATE, DELETE and calls to database procedures. You can also run it from the command line to open a data source, execute a sql query from a sql script file and export the results to an external CSV or HTML file. The program is completely standalone with no other dependent DLL's other than standard Window system DLL's.
This program is provided free of charge by SLIK Software Ltd as a gesture of goodwill and to encourge users to visit our web site (www.slik.co.nz) for other database related products including DBExplorer (compare and synchronise databases) and Standard Legacy Interface Kit a middleware / automation application that supports column mappings, e-mail, FTP, EDI, XML and 20 other data interfacing operations.

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